Alpha Galaxy. The Steel Viper Galaxy is the force that shattered the 6th Com Gaurd Army. These are the "Viper's Maw".

Beta Galaxy. Think not that once Alpha has defeated and crushed you and moved on, that you face second rate troops. The Steel Fangs Galaxy has Repulse all attacks on what is rightfully ours.

Chi Galaxy. Mechs and Elemental, watch yourself they work as one.

Nu Galaxy. Gaurdians of that which is ours, Nu Galaxy invites you to look death in the face should you decide attack the Vipers Tail.

Gamma Galaxy. The liberation of Trell1 and Parkaoila  are the work of the Striking Serpent Galaxy

Omega Galaxy. Duty to Clan above all else. Personal honour, Unit Honour all takes a secondary position to this.  Omega  will do whatever is neccessary to insure that the clan is maintained.

Delta Galaxy. The Fer-De-Lance Galaxy, Ferocity incarnate.

Rho Galaxy. Rho Galaxy thinks and acts likes the best that the sphere can offer, thus they suprise both clans and inner sphere opponents.